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What Services Does Organized Storage Solutions Offer?

We offer a layered approach to Reno Garage organization – we utilize the different areas of the space to layer in organizational systems that take your unused space on the walls and ceilings to provide you with more space to store more including Garage Cabinets Sacramento solutions. Our solution is well loved by Sacramento residents and is transforming the way garage storage is implemented.


Monkey Bars

As the Monkey Bars authorized dealer in Sacramento, we are experts at putting together a system that meets the most unique of needs for Reno garage organization even epoxy floor Reno. Our selection of bars, hooks, baskets, ball bags, wire baskets, and accessories provide a storage solution for even the toughest of needs and provides the flexibility to change as garage storage needs change. Are you transitioning from razor scooters and bikes to skis and snowboards, no problem – the various types of hooks and utility bars easily transform from scooter corralling to ski hanging.


Slat Wall

This is a really sleek option that brings a lot of visual appeal to the organizing space. Utilizing the slat wall in your garage will definitely give your neighbor garage envy. Slat Wall can be used in a small area – above a workbench or section of wall – or it could be used on large stretches of walls. Once installed, Organized Storage Solutions will help you get the right pieces for your storage needs – wire baskets, hooks, bags, epoxy floor Reno etc. all help you organize your space.



Organized Storage Solutions installs premium custom Garage Cabinets Sacramento solutions and that will transform the look and feel of your garage. We will come and talk through your storage needs, measure your garage, and provide you with a free 3D rendering of your new garage. Our cabinets come in a large range of color options and various hardware that would make any garage look fantastic. Our Signature Cabinet series features 1 inch box design, integrated backing, 1 inch box design, 1 inch adjustable shelving, 3mm edge banding protect the edge of your cabinets, and soft close hinges.



Transform the look of your garage from the bottom up with our flooring solutions. We offer two different flooring solutions – Swiss Trax and Epoxy.

Swiss Trax is a great solution for customers that are looking to customize their space. Available in over 25 colors and various textures, the design possibilities are endless. Epoxy floors provide a complete garage look with easy care from spills and day to day messes while protecting the condition of our concrete. We offer a full line of quality epoxy floor coatings, use ¼ inch flakes, and UV stable top coat.


Organizational Peace of Mind

Our garage storage solutions will transform not just the look and feel of your garage through epoxy floor Reno, but will give you organizational peace of mind through Reno Garage Organization. Getting the garage cleaned up and organized will translate to the rest of the house.


Free Consultation

Our friendly staff will schedule a free consultation at your home to talk through your organizational needs and potential solutions on anything from Garage Cabinets Sacramento services to shelving and storage options. Each consultation takes approximately 60 minutes and every client receives a free 3D rendering of the recommended solution