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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer or garage cabinets and other garage organization in Sacramento region is so install high quality garage cabinets Sacramento, garage floor in Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, garage storage Sacramento, and garage organization Sacramento online by helping you get your garage organized and removing all of your clutter off of your garage floor to create a usable space.

Our garage cabinets in Sacramento or made from high-quality thermobonded melamine and all of the sides of our garage cabinets in Sacramento are edge banded in order to protect your cabinets. Our garage cabinets Sacramento come in many different solid colors and finishes in order to create whatever Luke you are trying to achieve in your garage. We offer nine different solid color finishes, seven different natural looking wood finishes and a few metallic looking finishes, so we can create garage cabinets that fit your design aesthetic. In the letter what your preferences are, we can design something that works for you. We have installed multiple colors of cabinets in the same garage, and we have combined a different box color and door colors to create garages that perfectly match their owners.

Unlike our big box competitors, we do not assemble our cabinets with nails and staples. All of the pieces of our garage cabinets Sacramento are assembled using and screws to increase the stability and longevity of our cabinets. Our garage cabinets are designed to be wall-mounted, and they are expertly hung in the way so that they will not fall. Our cabinets do not need legs to support them, but if you desire the look of legs for your garage cabinets  we can install them for you. The legless design of our cabinets fix our garage cabinets  look sleek while being easy to maintain and clean around.

We can build wall to ceiling garage cabinets that fit your style and your space perfectly. The maximum height of cabinets that we sell and install is 91 inches, but we are able to stack smaller cabinets on top if you have a tall garage to increase your garage storage capacity. Regardless of the size of your garage, we can work with you to design a combination of garage cabinets in Sacramento and other storage systems that will increase the storage capacity and functionality of your garage. Our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage systems will make your Garage be the envy of your neighborhood. The garage cabinets in Sacramento and other garage organization systems all have limited lifetime warranties, so they will last a long time. We believe in the quality and longevity of our cabinets.

We can also install different types of hardware in your garage cabinets Sacramento. If you rent out your house where your garage cabinets are located, we can install locks on each of your cabinets. If you store clothing in your cabinet we can install a clothing rod; if you would like your garage cabinets to be used for yard tool storage, we can install a utility bar inside your cabinet. You also will be able to choose the types of handles that That match the rest of your garage cabinets we sell and install two kinds of handles: pole handles and extruded handles, and both of our handle styles come in four different colors to perfectly accentuate the rest of your garage cabinets. All of our garage cabinets come with soft close and fully extendable glides and hinges for both our drawers and cabinets.

One system that we sell that perfectly complement our garage cabinets Sacramento is our overhead rack systems. We’re on racks are perfect storage solutions to store big bulky items that do not necessarily fit in the garage cabinet. Overhead racks come in Three different colors: desert stone, granite gray, and white, and all three of these colors perfectly match the rest of your garage cabinets and other garage organization.

Overhead racks are a perfect storage solution for utilizing all of the otherwise and unusable overhead space in your garage. Overhead storage racks are made from industrial grade steel, and they can hold up to 750 pounds per rack. Overhead racks can be used to store Christmas trees, bulky camping equipment, Hunting equipment, fishing gear, Sports equipment, unused children’s toys, family heirlooms, Excess toilet paper from a Costco run, kayaks, canoes, spare tires, car parts, storage totes, winter clothes during the summer, summer clothes during the winter, pool toys, other toys or games, and many other items.

Another storage system we offer that also perfectly complements overhead racks in garage cabinets Sacramento is our extensive line of monkey bars storage systems. We sell and install both shelving and utility racking, and they can be used for anything that you could possibly need to store. The shelves for our monkey bar storage systems can exactly match the pieces used for your garage cabinets in Sacramento. We offer 24 inch shelving, 32 inch shelving, 16 inch shelving, 24 inch inverted shelving, adjustable shelving, and utility bars that can be used in a variety of ways. The rack part of monkey bar storage systems can be utilized for items that are used frequently or stored For a short time period. The shelving can be used to store items that do not need to be accessed frequently. The shelving and bars for our monkey bar storage systems are all made from high-quality materials like our garage cabinets Sacramento and overhead racks. You will not be disappointed in the quality of our shelving and racks. Monkey bar storage systems can store pretty much anything that you can store in a garage cabinet in Sacramento or on an overhead rack. You can use monkey bars storage systems to store sports equipment, golf equipment, ski gear, snowboarding gear, backpacks, purses, pet equipment, saddles, tires, equine equipment, toys, games, balls, gear, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, camping gear, ladders, bicycles, helmets, Big pumps, scooters, skateboards, yard tools, cleaning supplies, folding chairs, laundry baskets, and anything else you could think of.

Call us at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation today. Once we have seen your garage, we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage will look like!Call Organized Storage Solutions today in order to get peace of mind through organizing your garage.