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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. We work with you to sell and design garage cabinets that perfectly fit your needs. Regardless of your style, space, or budget we can work with you to create some thing that fits for you. Organized Storage Solutions is the only Authorized dealer of monkey bar storage systems in the Sacramento area, and we can provide you superior products to anything that is currently available on the market.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are expertly Designed, belts, and assembled in the USA from high-quality materials. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are built from 1 inch thick thermobonded melamine, And they are assembled using towels and screws to increase the stability and structure. All of our big box competitors assemble their cabinets using nails and staples. We believe in the quality of our products, and they have a lifetime warranty. All of our garage cabinets Sacramento pieces are edge banded in order to protect them. We install soft close hardware on our cabinets and drawers in order to further protect your garage cabinets Sacramento.

All of our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage systems are fully customizable from the configuration to color and to the location and space. We want you to be happy with your garage cabinets Sacramento. They will add value to your garage while making all of your neighbors envious of your new garage. Our garage cabinets Sacramento come in many different solid color finishes, many different natural looking wood finishes, and multiple metallic finishes. Regardless of your style, we have something that will perfectly fit what you envision your garage looking like. Our monkey bar storage systems Come in many different colors, and they will also match the rest of your garage cabinets Sacramento. Our shelving Comes in two standard colors: white with gray edge banding and antique white with charcoal edge banding. If those Colors do not fit your style, we can custom order shelving that exactly matches your garage cabinets Sacramento. You can further customize the look of your garage cabinets Sacramento by choosing the configuration; we have 13 different base configurations for garage cabinets Sacramento, and all of the shelves inside our cabinets can be rearranged to fit your needs. We also sell and install two different kinds of handles: extruded handles and pole handles, both of which Come in four different colors.

Our other storage systems such as Monkey Bars , overhead racks, shelving, epoxy flooring, swiss tracks flooring tiles, study rack bike racks, and slat wall all perfectly complement garage cabinets Sacramento. Our storage systems and our garage cabinets Sacramento are all versatile, and they can shift and grow to fit your needs. We offer adjustable shelving that can be combined with any of our garage cabinets Sacramento, and they can be used to store items that you access frequently, such as motorcycle helmets, motorcycle boots, memorabilia, family heirlooms, golf balls, golf tees, car oil, antifreeze, tools, games, camping equipment, ski and snowboard equipment, pet supplies, helmets, snowboarding boots, car filters, hunting equipment, fishing equipment, and anything else. Just like our garage cabinets Sacramento, the address above shelving can be customized to fit your needs and style.

Wall mounted shelving and overhead racks are perfect storage solutions for long-term storage items. Every 4 feet overhead rack can hold up to 1000 pounds if it is wall-mounted along one wall, and shelving can hold up to 1000 pounds for every 4 feet of shelf. Both of these systems can also be combined with our Monkey Bars hooks and accessories in order to increase the storage capacity in your garage. Monkey Bars storage systems are excellent for storing short term items such as rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, bicycles, helmets, backpacks, workout equipment, tools, skis, snowboards, kayaks, hoses, cords, tennis equipment, bats for baseball, baseball helmets, pitchforks, size, shears, folding chairs, ladders, balls, medical equipment, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, umbrellas, golf equipment, camping gear, fishing gear, hunting gear, scooters, bike pumps, and anything else you can think of.

Our storage systems and garage cabinets Sacramento are the perfect solution to get all of your messy items off of your garage floor in order to create a functional space for parking, working, or working out. With our garage storage systems and garage cabinets Sacramento, you can move your unsightly items off of your garage floor and put them away where you will be the only one to see them. By combining all of our garage cabin in Sacramento and other storage systems, We can help you design the perfect garage that meets all of your goals and dreams.

If you use your garage as a work space, either for an office or woodworking or things like that, we can work with you to design some thing that will meet those needs. We sell and install many kinds of work benches, including foldable workbenches, stationary workbenches, rolling workbenches, and workbenches with countertops that all can match your garage cabinets Sacramento. You will be able to use your garage as the best work space to fit your needs. You can combine them with slat wall in order to increase the storage capacity of your workspace. Slat wall also comes in many colors that can match the rest of your garage cabinets Sacramento and other organization solutions. Just like for Monkey Bars , we sell many different hooks and accessories for our site wall storage systems. Monkey Bars and slatwall are both highly versatile products, and they can be added to an order to meet your needs better. The possibilities for Monkey Bars and slat walls are endless.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation. After you set up a consultation, we will come and measure your garage, then we will send you a free quote with a 3-D rendering of what your new garage would look like. We look forward to hearing from you in order to help you design and create a brand new garage!