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Organized Storage Solutions is the leading provider for high quality garage organization and storage solutions in the Sacramento region. We specialize in custom built garage cabinets sacramento, but we also sell garage flooring sacramento, garage organization sacramento, garage racking sacramento, garage storage sacramento, garage shelving sacramento, and other storage solutions to help organize your garage. In a home, the garage is one of the largest rooms, but it is frequently the most overlooked and neglected. Organized Storage Solutions exist in order to help you find peace of mind through organizing your garage, which we will believe will carryover into the rest of your home and your life.

Though all of our garage organization solutions are complementary, our garage cabinets are one of our most popular storage solutions. Our garage cabinets  are made from high-quality thermalbonded melamine, and they are made for more high-quality material than our competitors. Unlike the cabinets from our competitors, our garage cabinets Sacramento are assembled using wooden dowels and screws while the big box stores around us use nails and staples in their cabinetry. Our garage cabinets in  Sacramento are built to last, and they are designed to be sturdy and durable, no matter what you use them for.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are fully customizable and we will work with you to Create storage solutions that fit your needs and space. No matter the size of your garage, whether it is a single car garage or a large four car garage, we will work with you to find garage cabinets in Sacramento and other storage solutions to fit your needs. You will get to choose the configuration that best suits you; we offer 13 different base cabinet configuration styles for you to choose from, and they all have a combination of cabinet space and drawer organization. You will get to choose the color combination for your Garage cabinets Sacramento. We offer 19 different garage cabinets styles and finishes, which include nine solid color finishes, seven natural looking wood finishes, and three metallic finishes; to achieve the look that you want in your garage, you can combine whichever cabinet colors and finishes your heart desires. We have had customers combine white cabinet boxes with red doors, grey cabinet boxes with blue doors, or multiple cabinet colors in one job. The layout and design of your garage cabinets and other garage organization is truly up to you!

We sell Monkey Bars storage systems, which are a perfect complement to garage organization and garage cabinets. Monkey Bars storage can extend the storage capacity of your garage cabinets  and other storage systems. We offer 16 inch shelving, 24 inch shelving, 32 inch shelving, inverted shelving, adjustable shelving, shelving with utility racks, utility racks that are wall mounted, overhead storage, and many hooks and accessories to complement your garage storage. You can combine garage organization with garage cabinets  to create a perfectly functional and personalized garage to fit your needs. You can move items off your garage floor while creating usable space with great storage options.

There is no limit to what you can store with garage cabinets, Monkey Bars storage systems, or other garage organziation products. You can store storage totes, Christmas decorations, holiday decorations, winter clothing during the summer, summer clothes during the winter months, sports gear, Fishing gear, camping gear, folding chairs, tents, camping stoves, hunting gear, jackets, backpacks, hats, umbrellas, bags, umbrellas, swimsuits, shoes, sports cleats, sports gear, baseball bats, balls, football pads, hockey sticks, toys, games, balls, skiing gear, snowboarding equipment, helmets, bikes, bicycle pumps, scooters, ice skates, medical equipment, strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, TV trays, ladders, pool toys, family heirlooms, sports memorabilia, unused baby gear, craft equipment, woodworking tools, yard tools, rakes, brooms, mops, shovels, hose, hoses and cords, painting supplies, buckets, car parts, saddles, equine equipment, pet equipment, leashes, goggles, towels, and anything else you can think of.

Another popular storage solution that we have, which perfectly coordinates with our garage cabinets in Sacramento, is our epoxy flooring coating. Epoxy floors are weather resistant, fade resistant, chemical resistant, and easy to clean. They will transform your garage while looking brand new for years to come. Epoxy can be solid color gray or wheat, or you can choose a color coordinating flake that perfectly matches your garage cabinets Sacramento. For the flake, we offer quarter inch flake diameter, and each flake style has multiple complementary colors to match the rest of your garage.

Through combining garage cabinets Sacramento, Monkey Bars storage systems, and epoxy floor coating, we can help you design and create a fully functionable and usable space in your garage. We can combine any of our storage solutions with garage cabinets located in Sacramento in order to create a workbench area for you. You can choose the countertop style that best works for you, and we will help you create a perfect space in your garage to use for work, hobbies, play, or anything else. We can even help you create a man cave in your garage by combining all of our garage organization systems. You can store tools on slat wall while combining Monkey Bars and garage cabinetsto make the most of your garage.

You can use our overhead racks in order to clear space on your garage floor. You can use overhead racks to store big, bulky items that might not fit in your garage cabinets in Sacramento, while still making your garage look neat and organized. We offer both stabilized and motorized overhead racks, so anybody can utilize them. Stabilize rocks have a higher weight capacity, but motorized racks can be raised and lowered the touch of a button on your smart phone via Bluetooth. Overhead racks are great storage solution for any garage, and they can be purchased on their own or in combination with garage cabinets.

Call us at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation for garage organization and garage cabinets Sacramento today. We will work with you to create a design that fits your needs and style, And we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage will look like. Organized Storage Solutions exists in order to help you find peace of mind through organizing your garage.