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Organized Storage Solutions is based out of Sacramento, California, and provides custom-designed and installed garage cabinets Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, and garage flooring Sacramento. We specialize in building our customers a custom-designed garage solution that provides functionality and organization to the largest room in your house. Be excited to pull into the garage every day when you come home because our garage organization systems are the ultimate solution for Sacramento homeowners.

The garage cabinets Sacramento that Organized Storage Solutions installs are the best quality on the market. The craftsmanship is impressive – the garage cabinets Sacramento are assembled using steel screws and thermo-bond glue, unlike our competitors that rely on staples and nails. Our garage cabinets Sacramento also feature modern design elements featuring a frameless euro design so there are no awkward center posts or face frames to contend with. Our garage cabinets Sacramento come with a lifetime warranty – we are that confident that our garage cabinets Sacramneto are the best in Sacramento.

In addition to garage cabinets Sacramento, Organized Storage Solutions also offers shelving that is custom designed for your needs and your space. These shelves come in various lengths and can utilize hooks for storing items as well as shelving to store totes or odd-sized items on top. Every 4 feet of shelving can hold up to 1,000 pounds making our garage shelving solution the best in class. Our shelving also gives you the ability to make changes as your functionality needs to grow and change – add hooks, shelves, and bars. Organized Storage Solutions in the premier authorized dealer in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe area. We take pride in being able to offer such a quality product that features a lifetime warranty. We also offer two different color options – desert stone and granite grey.

Organized Storage Solutions offers attractive and durable garage floor coatings. These coatings make your garage to the next level – they are functional, protecting your cement floors from spills and stains, but also look great. Your garage is the largest room in your house and why wouldn’t you want it to look great? Our garage floors are UV resistant and will not fade as well as being chemical resistant – there isn’t anything that can damage these floors. Our base coat has a lifetime warranty and our topcoat features a 10-year warranty. We believe our garage floors are the best that you will find in Sacramento.

If you are looking for excellent customer service and a company you can trust, Organized Storage Solution should be your trusted source for garage cabinets Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage floors Sacramento in Sacramento. We provide warranties on both our product as well as our work. We offer free consultations – let us come and look at your space, measure it, and talk about the type of needs you have. We will then prepare a free 3D rendering of your garage storage solution. Our team of experts will install your products and help you get organized. Stop neglecting the largest room in your house today and give Organized Storage Solutions a call today.
We will custom design your garage cabinets Sacramento to meet all of your storage needs. Call (916) 430-0179 or visit to learn more. As about our $100 FREE storage accessories. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best experience possible when it comes to your organization’s needs.

Organized Storage Solutions provides per mirror garage cabinets Sacramento to the Sacramento area. Not only our garage cabinets Sacramento and better than our competitors so are our additional garage organization systems. Our systems include slat wall and Monkey Bars Design Team that wall is an awesome way to take up a large base of wall and utilizing various size hooks and baskets and other accessories to hang garage items. You using slat while you can hang your rooms and brakes Brooms rakes shovels Jose‘s extension cord‘s sporting equipment is fair. It’s very easy to install the system and only takes approximately half a day depending upon the size of your wall so I will come in various colors we recently and Start Salus our system on top of the workbench making the area very easy to use you could be working and have all the tools and materials that you need right next to you while you’re working you can put your pencils in a bucket you can put your papers and wire basket you can put all of your wrenches in a wrench holds. If garage cabinets Sacramento in Sacramento is not what you were looking for but you want another way to store all of your sports equipment using slat wall is a very good option. We carry over 20 types of accessories for the slat wall sidewall that can be installed next to your garage cabinets Sacramento it can be installed on any wall in your garage. Your garage is usually the largest room in your house. Why not take advantage of all of that space and organize it. So every day when you come home and you’re excited to pull into your garage I’m not sure shout by all of the things stacking up and piling. Why risk scratching mom‘s car with all of the crap in your garage. Install some garage cabinet and Sacramento to help get your garage organized today. Slept long is a fairly inexpensive high and quality product that can quickly be installed in Sacramento for your garage sidewall is one of our favorite products to put in the garage is in Sacramento because it is easy to work with you do not need a finished wall we put the slat wall where ever you ask us to we can come out and do a free estimate and provide you with a free 3-D rendering of your garage showing you what you’re capable of holding on your sidewall. Our slat wall comes in 12-foot sections and comes with a very nice border and we are able to frame out the slat wall so it has a finished edge. Our slat wall is the best in the market in Sacramento. Help accent your garage cabinets Sacramento today by adding sat while to your garage giving you a finished looks more organized space and happy mom or dad.

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