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Organize storage solutions Inc. Was founded in 2019, and we are the premier dealer of garage cabinets Sacramento garage flooring Sacramento garage shelving Sacramento, and garage wrecking Sacramento. We can help you design a garage the best fits your needs give you the most efficiently organized garage with high-quality products and designs. Our goal is to provide products and services that you can be proud of.

Does your garage have boxes and storage bins all over your floor? Do you want to use your garage as effectively as possible? Are you unable to use your garage to park or four activities because of how many storage bins and boxes you have? Organize storage solutions that can install garage cabinets Sacramento to help you organize your garage. Our cabinets are superior to our competitors, and they are designed well. All of our cabinets are made in the USA and assembled here in California. Our cabinets can be combined to fit your storage needs. Our garage cabinet in Sacramento looks neat and clean, and they have soft close hinges. Our garage cabinets Sacramento can be used to store woodworking projects, cleaning supplies, older children’s toys, family heirlooms, or anything else you have sitting in your garage.

In addition to garage cabinets Sacramento, we also install overhead racks. Our overhead racks can either be stationary and stable or motorized. Stationary racks can hold up to 1000 pounds, and the motorized racks can hold up to 350 pounds each for every 4 feet of racking. Our overhead racks are perfect for art shaped holiday items and decorations, or they’re going to store things and items you don’t need to access often. Our overhead racks can be combined to fit the storage needs of your space. We sell three different colors of overhead racks: white, gray, and desert stone, so they can match all of the other components of your garage.

If you would like to have a dedicated to the workspace in your garage, we can install a workbench that can be used in conjunction with any of our garage cabinets Sacramento. The workbench can be made from wood or other countertop surfaces, and it can be designed to your preferences.
Our monkey bars systems can be used to store any tools you might need to go with your workbench. They can also store bigger items such as bikes, kayaks, snow equipment, or any sports equipment.

In order to keep your workspace neat and tidy, we can install a slat wall behind any workbench or on any wall. Both slat walls and monkey bars how many different accessories and hooks to choose from, so space can fit what you need. We have a screwdriver rack, small hooks, large hooks, wrench holders, baskets, paper towel holders, and many other hooks to keep your space organized.

all of our systems can be used together to create a perfectly organized space in your garage. With our slat walls and monkey bars, it is easy to assign every tool and piece of equipment a specific home, which means it is easy enough that even kids can put them back properly. After

In addition to our many garage cabinets Sacramento and other organization systems, we also can make your floor look great! We are able to Apoxsee floors and install switch trucks tiling. Both are resistant to spills and are easy to clean up, And they protect your original garage floor from getting banged up. Our flooring systems can be combined with any of our garage cabinets Sacramento, garage rocking Sacramento, or garage shelving Sacramento to look exactly the way you dream about.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit us at to schedule a free estimate. We want to help you organize your garage so you can organize your life as well!

Organized storage solutions are the premier dealer for a garage cabinets Sacramento as well as flat walls. The slat walls from Organized Storage Solutions can be used to organize a workspace area in the garage. They can also be used to organize gardening tools, all sports equipment, woodworking tools or any other items you might have. Our slat walls can be used in conjunction with any of our many accessories, and the accessories can be customized to fit your needs.

Some people use slat walls with garage cabinets Sacramento to organize tools that are used frequently. We carry screwdriver racks, wrench holders, paper towel holders, small hooks, large hooks, baskets, magnetic toolbars, Sports bags, and gear bags. We can create any number of combinations to fit your needs from our extensive list of slat wall accessories.

Do you have kids who play sports? If so their gear can be stored on a slat wall out of the way on the wall. You can store gear in tight spaces, while still having room to park. You can hang bats or helmets. Can store extra balls in a ball bag, or you can hang up equipment such as rackets or flippers. Slat walls make it easy to give all of your equipment homes while still keeping your garage organized.

Our slat walls come in many colors, and they can match our garage cabinets Sacramento or you can choose a color to fit your preferences. Slat walls can be a statement piece in your garage, and your neighbors will envy your Newly-organized garage. Once your neighbors see how neat and clean your garage is they too will want a garage organized by organizing storage solutions.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or Visit Us at to schedule a free estimate. Once we have seen and measured your garage, we will provide a free 3-D rendering of what your garage will look like after we install our garage cabinets Sacramento. Don’t forget to ask us about our $100 in free slot wall accessories. Our goal here at organized storage solutions is to provide you with a garage you can Enjoy and organization you can be proud of.