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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer and one-stop-shop for a garage organization in the Sacramento region. We sell and install high-quality garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage organization Sacramento. No matter what you were looking for in your garage, we have storage solutions that can help you achieve that. We can help you take your garage from cluttered and boring too organized and efficient with our garage cabinets and extensive line of garage organization products. The garage is often the most neglected room in a home, and we can help you transform it so it becomes in oasis instead of an eyesore. We offer fully customizable garage cabinets in Sacramento, many different kinds of shelving, slat wall, I Crafts, overhead racks, epoxy flooring, switch trucks tile flooring, in any of our storage solutions can be combined to increase the storage capacity of your garage.

Our line of garage cabinets is one of our most popular storage solutions. Compared to other cabinets in the Sacramento region, our Garage cabinets are built to be more stable and durable, and they are builtfrom higher quality materials. There is nothing comparable to our garage cabinets in Sacramento or placer County’s region. We offer high-quality thermobonded melamine cabinets, and Our garage cabinets in Sacramento are never assembled using glue, nails, or Staples. Our expert team of installers use only screws and wooden dowels to increase the storage capacity and durability of our garage cabinets. The tops, bottoms, and adjustable shelves for our cabinets are all 1 inch thick, while the sides and doors are 3/4 inch thick. Each piece of our garage cabinets has edge banding for protection, and to give our Garage cabinets in Sacramento a finished look. Our innovative way of hanging garage cabinets in Sacramento on the wall is unique to Organized Storage Solutions, and They are all sturdy and durable. All of our garage cabinets Sacramento And other garage organization solutions have a lifetime warranty.

Our garage cabinets in Sacramento are fully customizable from the color or finish to the size and number of cabinets that you choose. We do not have standardized cabinet packages, but instead, all of our garage cabinets are designed specifically to fit your space. We offer 19 different solid-colored and patterned finishes that you can choose from for your garage cabinets. You can mix and match any of our colors or finishes to achieve the look that you are seeking for your garage. Regardless of the size of your garage, we can help design storage solutions that perfectly fit and accentuate your space while maximizing your storage capacity. We have installed cabinets and a small single car garage And in a huge five car garage. No matter what your space looks like, we can help you achieve garage organization with our garage cabinets Sacramento and many storage solutions.


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In terms of the Monkey Bars storage systems, we can install 16-inch shelving, 24-inch shelving, 32-inch shelving, inverted shelving, adjustable shelving, overhead racks, utility bars that standalone, or utility bars combined with shelving. We also have an extensive list of hooks and accessories that can be used with any of our Monkey Bars storage systems. If you order garage cabinets Sacramento And Monkey Bars shelving, we will order matching shelves for your Monkey Bars in the same color scheme as your garage cabinets. Monkey Bars storage systems are designed to complement and coordinate With your garage cabinets. The brackets that we use are made from industrial-grade steel, and they are powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The brackets come in either granite grill or Desert Stone, and they will perfectly match the rest of your garage cabinets in Sacramento. Monkey Bars storage systems are designed to look great with your garage cabinets in Sacramento while extending the storage capabilities of your garage. We can work with you to design Monkey Bars storage that best fits your space and your needs. Every 4 feet of shelving can hold up to 1000 pounds, and they can be stacked to maximize your wall storage space, or they can be installed above the refrigerator or garage cabinets in Sacramento.

In addition to the Monkey Bars showing in storage, we offer two different kinds of overhead racks: motorized and stabilized. Motorized racks are the perfect storage solution for anybody who is unable to use a ladder to access their items, and they can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button via Bluetooth on your smartphone. Motorized racks can hold up to 400 pounds, and they are a great complement to garage cabinets in Sacramento. Stabilized racks are not able to be moved, but they have a higher holding capacity; stabilized overhead racks can hold up to 1000 pounds for every 4 feet of racking. Just like our Monkey Bars storage systems, overhead racks are made from industrial-grade steel, and they are powder coated to prevent corrosion. Overhead racks are a perfect place to store all of your large bulky items that do not fit in your garage cabinets Sacramento. Customers frequently store canoes, kayaks, tires, car parts, storage totes, ladders, Christmas decorations, and other large items on their overhead racks. Overhead racks can help clear your garage floor space in order to create room to use for parking or any other functional space you need. Overhead racks are a good solution to utilize the space that is unusable above your garage. Overhead racks are a perfect complement to smaller garages in order to increase your storage capacity.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation. We will come to your house, measure your garage, discuss options with you, and send you a free 3-D rendering of what your newly organized garage will look like. We include a combination of garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage solutions in your proposal based on what your needs are. Call Organized Storage Solutions today in order to Get your garage looking organized and neat. We cannot wait to help you!