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Organize Storage Solutions specializes in garage cabinets Sacramento but we also specialize in overhead racks. Overhead racks is a great solution for pulling odd-shaped items off of the floor or taking up a lot of space in garage cabinets Sacramento and putting things up high. It’s great for seasonal items such as Christmas trees Christmas totes and sporting equipment used only in the winter or summer.

We have also seen overhead racks used to store seasonal outdoor equipment as well. We sell both Static overhead racks as well as motorized racks are racks come in three different colors graphite brown graphite grey and white. Our motorized racks come and graphite Grey and desert brown. These racks can hold up to 1000 pounds depending on how they are installed. I have two racks in my garage and they hold so much stuff. I have awkward sized kids toys that are not being used all the time stored in our overhead racks it’s perfect for American girl doll Bulky items that I don’t want in my garage cabinets Sacramento.

I also keep our large suitcases in our overhead racks because I don’t want to take up space in my garage cabinets Sacramento. Ensuring that my garage is cleaned up and items are not taking up precious real estate such as my garage cabinet Sacramento I making sure that my garage is a great place to hang out and use the garage gym. Organizing and cleaning up our garage gym Sacramento has made a big difference. Our customers love overhead racks for the flexibility they provide. You can change our items and add different things as your needs and your family change. Unlike garage cabinets Sacramento overhead racks are only limited by your imagination.

Making sure that you have the best garage cabinets in Sacramento and the best overhead racks in Sacramento is a priority of Organized Storage Solutions our clients tell us over and over again but they are so happy with our customer service and our quality products are competitors don’t have a product that is comparable to our garage cabinet Sacramento or our overhead racks Sacramento. Without overhead racks garage cabinets Sacramento can be limiting. But with overhead racks the possibilities are endless.

Do you have an odd size shape of sports equipment? Do you have an odd size peep piece of machinery? Do you store items that you rarely need to get access to? Or are you one of those people with 25 totes and no place to put them in your garage utilizing Organized Storage Solutions Sacramento ensures that you were getting a quality product Quality insulation and a top-rated garage storage solution Sacramento. We will custom design your garage cabinets Sacramento to meet all of your storage needs. Call (916) 430-0179 or visit to learn more. As about our $100 FREE storage accessories. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best experience possible when it comes to your organization’s needs.