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Organized Storage Solutions is the only certified gorgeous garages dealer in the Sacramento region. We sell and install garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. All of our storage solutions can be combined to reach your garage goals. No matter what your space or style is, we can work with you to design some thing that you will enjoy forever. We did not install anything until you are satisfied with the design, and we work with you every step of the way.

All of our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage solutions are proudly and expertly made in the USA. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are made from thermobonded melamine; the tops, bottoms, and shelves of our cabinets are all 1 inch thick, and the sides of our cabinets are 3/4 inch thick. The shelves are expertly crafted so they will not bow under the weight of the things you need to store. Our overhead racks and wall-mounted racks are all made from industrial grade steel, and they are powder coated to prevent rust or corrosion. All of the shelving that we install with our Monkey Bars storage systems are made and built to match our garage cabinets Sacramento. They will match them in terms of style, but they will also match the weight capacity and strength of our garage cabinets Sacramento.

Another superior product That Organized Storage Solutions installs is our slat wall products. They are made from high-quality material, and they can hold and organize many tools and items. You can use slat wall to store your power tools, cleaning supplies, bikes, toys, backpacks, games, ladders, folding chairs, hammers, paper towels, rakes, brooms, shovels, snow shovels, snowboarding equipment, ski gear, balls, toys, pet supplies, craft supplies, mechanical tools, Medical equipment, strollers, purses, keys, and many other items. We sell many different kinds of hooks and accessories for our site wall products that will help you store all of your items close to the wall while saving space.

Just like the rest of our garage cabinets Sacramento, epoxy flooring, and Monkey Bars products, you can customize the look of your slot wall. We saw many solid colors such as red, yellow, blue, black, gray, white, but we also sell and install colors such as Maple slower. Regardless of your style, we can help you design something that matches and fits your design aesthetic. Your garage will be a good reflection of you and can match the rest of your house, if you choose.

Slat wall is a perfect complement to garage cabinets Sacramento. You can use it to store items that you use frequently, and it can increase the storage capacity of your garage. You can use garage cabinets Sacramento to store long-term items or larger items to create space on your garage floor. You can use that wall in order to create a workspace with a workbench or save space by moving things off of your garage floor.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at to schedule a free consultation. Once we have measured your garage we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage can look like. We hope that you will be able to find products that fit your needs.

Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. We are the premier dealer of custom built cabinets, Monkey Bars storage systems, epoxy flooring, modular SwissTrax flooring tiles, and flat wall in the Sacramento region. We will work with you to design a garage that will help you stay organized while getting the rest of your house organized as well.

Our flooring includes two different styles: epoxy flooring and modular SwissTrax flooring tiles. For epoxy flooring, we will grind your current concrete floor with a diamond grinder in order to make the floor more porous and accepting of the Epoxy flooring. Once that is finished, we will start the parks in process and make your floor looks brand new. We so many different colors of epoxy flooring all in quarter inch flakes, and all of our epoxy flooring colors will perfectly match your garage cabinets Sacramento. No matter what color of cabinets you choose, we will have a flooring color that matches them as well. Epoxy flooring is UV resistant, so it will not fade over time, and it is scratch and chemical resistant. It will leave your garage looking brand new for years to come.

We also sell and install SwissTrax modular flooring tiles. They will protect your garage floor from scratches and chemicals, and they are also UV and fade resistant. SwissTrax flooring Is easy to clean with a hose, and drainage system is built in. All of our SwissTrax products are designed to be a slip resistant when wet, so they will not be a hazard if your garage floor gets wet. Just like our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage system products, SwissTrax come in many different colors and styles to match your garage goals. We sell different textures of SwissTrax flooring, and We carry over 15 different colors. You can mix and match them to create a pattern that perfectly fits your style.

If you have cracks on your garage floor, we will grind them down and fill them before we apply epoxy floor covering. We also will make sure to cover and flake your stem walls in order to make your garage look cohesive and fresh. Regardless of which flooring type you choose, your garage will look brand new for many years. Your neighbors will all be envious of your new garage cabinets Sacramento and flooring.

Visit our website at or call us at 916-430-0179 in order to schedule a free consultation today. Once we have seen and measured your garage we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage cabinets Sacramento and other garage storage systems will look like. Here at Organized Storage Solutions, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you design a new, fully-functional garage.