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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of garage cabinets Sacramento in the Sacramento area. We specialize in garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. We work with you to customize your garage to fit your storage needs. We also work with you to customize your garage to fit your storage needs while staying in your budget.

One of our most popular storage systems is the overhead rack system. We sell and install both fixed overhead racks and motorized overhead racks. Our racks are very durable and strong, and 4 feet of overhead racks can hold up to 1000 pounds. Our racks are an affordable way to store bins or odd-shaped items such as Christmas trees or holiday decorations. Our overhead racks can also store bulky items such as kayaks or other awkward-shaped sports equipment. With our overhead racks, you can maximize your storage and get the most use out of your garage.

Our racks are constructed with strong steel, and they have a Powder Coat Finish to ensure strength and security. All of our products have a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that our overhead racks are worth the money. The racks come in three separate colors, so we can make your garage look the way you want it to.

All of our overhead racks for garage cabinets Sacramento have a 2-inch lip around the perimeter to secure your bins and storage items. You can combine racks to reach your maximum storage capacity. Our racks are adjustable, so they can change with you as you need them to. If you choose to purchase motorized racks, you can raise or lower your racks with your smartphone. You don’t need a ladder to load your racks, because you can just raise or lower them as you need to.

Overhead racks can be combined with our other storage systems such as garage cabinets Sacramento, Monkey Bars storage systems, and slat walls. We want to help you maximize the space you already have, no matter how big or small your garage is. You can also use overhead racks from garage cabinets Sacramento to maximize your storage while also using your garage for anything else. You can park under racks, you can work under racks, or you can have an open space underneath your racks.

Instead of having your storage bins or sports equipment take up valuable garage floor space, you can maximize your garage by putting all of those bulky items in overhead racks. When you purchase overhead racks our team of experienced installers will professionally and expertly install them.

When you call today, we will custom design your garage cabinets Sacramento to meet all of your storage needs. Call (916) 430-0179 or visit to schedule a free estimate. Ask about our $100 FREE storage accessories. The goal of Organized Storage Solutions is to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to your garage storage needs.

Organized Storage Solutions was founded in 2019 as a premier garage storage systems dealer in the Sacramento area. We provide garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage storage Sacramento, slat walls Sacramento, and Monkey Bars Sacramento. We combine many storage systems to design the perfect garage to fit your needs.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are designed to maximize storage while being long-lasting. The cabinets are wall-mounted, which means it is easy to clean under them, and they are assembled using steel screws and thermo-bond glue to make them very strong. We do not assemble our cabinets using nails and staples like our competitors do. Our cabinet installation and construction ensure that your cabinets are sturdy and safe.

Our team of professional installers will expertly install your cabinets safely. Our products come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that your money is being well spent. Our cabinets are proudly made in the USA, and we assemble them here in California.

With our many storage systems, we can design the perfect garage that best fits your lifestyle and preferred design. Our cabinets come in many colors, and they can be combined with any of our other storage systems to create a perfect garage for you. Our cabinets are also designed with soft close hinges, so they will not be ruined by slamming doors.

If you like to work in your garage, we can add a custom workbench or utility center. Our garage cabinets Sacramento can be combined with slat walls or Monkey Bars to provide the best storage system for you. We have a full range of hooks and accessories to ensure that your tools and equipment always have a specific place. When our storage accessories and hooks are fully utilized, even kids can put back tools and equipment in the proper places.

Our Monkey Bars storage systems and overhead racks allow for more storage along the walls and ceiling while still leaving room for cars to park or other garage activities to happen. Our shelving and overhead racks can be combined with any garage cabinets Sacramento to create the perfect garage for you. We have many different hooks and accessories that can be used to fully utilize the storage that fits your needs.

Any of our garage cabinets Sacramento systems can be combined with either of our flooring options. We install both Epoxy floors and Swiss Trax flooring. Our epoxy floors are long-lasting; the base coat has a lifetime warranty, and the topcoat has a 10-year warranty. They protect your floors from spills and stains, and they are resistant to scratches and chemicals. Our Swiss Trax flooring is made of interlocking tiles, and slip-resistant. They can be any combination of colors, and they are easy to clean. Swiss Trax do not require curing time, so they are a quick garage flooring solution.

Call us today to schedule a free estimate. Once we see your garage, we will provide a 3-D rendering of your garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage systems. Give us a call at 916-430-0179 or visit to schedule your estimate! Our goal at Organized Storage Solutions is to work with you to create the perfect garage!