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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of garage cabinets and storage in the Sacramento region. We sell and install garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. Our products are the best in the industry. You will not be disappointed with the storage systems you buy from Organized Storage Solutions. Our products have long warranties, and they will last you for years to come. Unlike our competitors, our garage cabinets Sacramento are assembled using screws and dowels. Our competitors use nails and staples, and their cabinets fall apart quickly.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage systems are proudly made in the USA, and they are made from high-quality materials. Our cabinets are not made from particle board. Our cabinets and shelving are made from high grade, thermobonded melamine. The tops, bottoms, and shelves of our cabinets are 1” thick, and they will not bow from use. They can hold a lot of weight. Our cabinets are expertly mounted on your garage walls, and they will not sag or fall. They can hold a lot of weight, and be used for storing many different things. Our garage cabinets Sacramento can be used to store items such as shop vacs, woodworking tools, mechanical tools, garden tools, games, toys, clothing, cleaning supplies, paint supplies, chemicals for your home or garden, summer toys, Christmas decorations, holiday decorations, sporting goods and equipment, air compressors, nail guns, hammers, nails, screwdrivers,other tools, supplies for your business, food, extra Costco toilet paper or paper towels, craft supplies, dumbbells, gym equipment, shoes, extra items you can’t store in your kitchen, office supplies, hoses, cords, and anything else you can think of. We even have racks for the inside of your cabinets, making it easier to store clothing or yard tools. Organization of your items has never been easier!

The garage is one of the largest rooms in a house, yet it is often the most overlooked. By installing garage cabinets Sacramento and other garage storage systems, you can create plenty of usable space for whatever activities you want. By utilizing garage cabinets, you can clear the clutter from your garage floor, and have plenty of room to park your cars, create a work space for your business, or make an area for your kids or dogs to play on rainy days. Not only are our products high-quality, they are also beautiful! With our garage cabinets Sacramento, your garage will become the envy of your neighbors. Everyone will want to spend time in your newly organized garage!

Regardless of the size of your garage, we can work out some plan that will fit your needs and your space. We have worked on 200 sq ft garages. We have also worked on 2000 sq ft garages. No matter the space you are working with, we can design something for you. Our cabinets are not “one size fits all”, so we are able to customize garage storage specifically for you and your space. In addition to being highly customizable in terms of space, we will work with you to design a garage that fits your style. Our cabinets come in over 15 solid colors and finishes, including natural-looking wood finishes, metallic finishes, and many solid colors. We have two kinds of handles for our cabinets and drawers: pole and extruded; both types of handles come in four different colors and many different sizes to best match the rest of your garage cabinets Sacramento. If your cabinets are in a house you rent out, we can install locks to protect and safeguard your items. We frequently install locks on cabinets to protect ski and snowboarding gear. We will not install your cabinets or storage systems until you are satisfied with the way the design looks.

Other products we have that can be combined with our garage cabinets include shelves, overhead racks, Monkey Bars storage systems, slat wall storage systems, epoxy flooring, SwissTrax flooring tiles, and Steadyrack bike racks. With all of our products, we can help you design and create a perfect garage that fits all of your needs. If you use your garage as an office space, we can install a workbench that matches the rest of your garage cabinets Sacramento. We can combine the workbench with slat wall and drawers to provide you with all of the storage and space you need for your office supplies. With our many accessories for both slat wall and Monkey bars, you can store pens, pencils, paper, stapler, tape, tools, hoses, cords, handheld equipment, and anything else you need to make your workspace functional.

With the combination of garage cabinets Sacramento, Monkey Bars, shelving, and Slat Wall, your new garage will be beautifully organized. With our storage systems, it is easy to get organized and maintain that organization for a long period after you initially organize it. In fact, it’s so easy to maintain organization, that even your kids can keep the organization up. We have used Monkey Bars with our own children, and they understand the concept of putting things back in their specific places. You will be amazed at how easy it is to organize, and how long your garage stays clean. If you have a lot of large, unsightly items in your garage, overhead racks would be a perfect solution for you. They store large, bulky items overhead in the normally unused space at the top of your garage. By removing those items from your floor and out of your way, you will be one step closer to achieving maximum efficiency and organization.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation appointment. Our website has more information and specifics about many of our products. Once we come out and look at your garage, we will work with you to design exactly what you need to fit your space. After we have discussed your garage storage options, you will receive a free 3D rendering of what your garage will look like after installation. Here at Organized Storage Solutions, we look forward to helping you get organized and design your new dream garage!