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Organized Storage Solutions is the Premier dealer garage cabinets and garage storage in Sacramento. We stock and install garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. Our products are expertly made, and they are built using strong industrial-grade materials. We believe in the quality of our products and we are sure that you will enjoy them. You will not be disappointed by the quality of our garage cabinets Sacramento. We know that our products are high-quality, and we stand behind them.

You might be wondering if we can customize our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage solutions to fit your design aesthetic. The short answer to that is yes we can! We offer three different levels of cabinets. They are all expertly made and sturdy. They range in prices, but they are all really good garage cabinet Sacramento. We can fit cabinets into any space, and the maximum height of our garage cabinets Sacramento is 91 inches. For base cabinets, we have 13 different options; Our base options come with a single cabinet, multiple drawers, or a combination of cabinets and drawers. Our garage cabinets Sacramento will definitely fit your needs. We sell many different kinds of hardware for your cabinets. We sell soft close hinges and full extension drawer glides. We offer extruded handles for cabinets and pole handles for cabinets. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are designed to be mounted on your wall, but we do sell optional legs for our cabinets if you want them.

In terms of colors and finishes, we sell nine different solid colors, seven different types of wood finishes, and three metallic finishes for our garage cabinets Sacramento. No matter your style, you can find something that matches. If yellow is your favorite color, we have yellow cabinets, slat wall, and flooring to fit your style. Some of the other solid colors that we have for garage cabinets Sacramento are black, blue, red, white, and gray. Our cabinets are not the only item that comes in many different colors. Our slat wall products, Swiss tracks flooring tiles, and epoxy flooring all come in many different colors that can be combined in anyway you like to fit your style. Both SwissTrax and epoxy are resilient to chemicals and spills, and they will keep your garage looking nice and new for many years. Whichever product you choose will add value to your garage!

For swiss tracks, we carry 19 different colors, and we carry 12 different colors of epoxy flooring. Our slat wall products come in nine different colors that can be used to both fit your preferences and match any of our garage cabinets Sacramento products. The standard colors of the monkey bars shelving we carry are white with gray edgebanding and antique white with charcoal edgebanding. That does not mean you cannot match the rest of your garage; There are many other colors of monkey bars shelving that can be ordered to match your custom garage cabinets Sacramento. We want you to be happy with your garage and aesthetic, so we carry many colors and finishes to match your style. If you are getting a workbench with your garage cabinets Sacramento, we carry four separate styles: Graphite black, genuine maple butcher block, stainless steel and faux wood butcher block. No matter how you picture your garage looking, we will help you design it to your specifications.

Other versatile products that we carry include our monkey bars storage systems and our slat wall storage systems. Our monkey bars include overhead racks, shelving systems, and storage systems that can hold many objects. Overhead racks are useful to store Christmas decorations, long-term storage items, storage bins, family heirlooms, kayaks, or any other artist shaped items you might have. Overhead rocks come in tan, gray, and white. Our monkey bars storage systems can hold up to 1,000 pounds for every 4 feet of shelving or racks. Monkey bars can be a good storage solution for a combination of long-term and short-term storage. The top of shelves can hold storage bins and other items while the lower portions can hold items such as sports equipment, tools, yard equipment, brooms, rakes, folding chairs, ladders, or anything else you need to reach on a frequent basis. Slat wall safe space while making everything easy to organize and reach. If you use your garage to work, slat wall is a perfect storage solution for you. Both slat wall and monkey bars are easy to use and maintain organization. In fact, they’re so easy to use, even kids can maintain the organization and order. In addition to being a good organization solution for any age or need, they can add to the aesthetic of your garage. They both look sleek and neat. Anyone will be impressed with these beautiful additions to your garage cabinets Sacramento.

In addition to having many different colors with all of our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage solution products, we carry many accessories and hooks for both our monkey bars storage systems and slat wall storage systems. We have hooks that can hold your tools, hoses, cords, horse saddles, sports equipment, golf equipment, ski care, snowboarding gear, bicycles, tools, electric tools, Cleaning supplies, paper towels, buckets, falls, helmets, bats, shoes, folding chairs, lighters, or anything else you can think of. Our garage cabinets Sacramento and other storage systems are very versatile products.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visitors at to schedule a free consultation today. We will work with you to discuss your options, then we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage cabinets Sacramento and garage will look like. Once we have discussed options and pricing and gotten your garage looking the way that you want it to, We can order and install your new garage cabinets Sacramento systems. Here at Organized Storage Solutions we cannot wait to help you design your beautiful new garage; we want you to have peace of mind with a newly organized garage.