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Organized Storage Solutions is the leading dealer of garage organization products in the Sacramento region. We sell and install high-quality garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage storage Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage organization Sacramento. No matter what you were looking for in your garage, we can help you design and create something that you will be proud of. All of our garage cabinets, shelves, racks, and other storage solutions are all made from high quality industrial grade materials, and they are able to help you transform your garage. We can help you take your garage from one of the most neglected in your home to being an oasis for you and your family.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are fully customizable in terms of color or finish, size, number of cabinets, and the hardware that you choose. All of our garage cabinets are made from high quality thermobonded melamine, and every piece of cabinets or shelving Is edge banded and finished for protection. If you order garage cabinets from Organized Storage Solutions, we will match any shelving that you choose as well with your cabinets. The tops, bottoms, and shelves for our garage cabinets in Sacramento are all 1 inch thick, and the sides and doors are 3/4 inch thick. We can create cabinets with backs dadoed on, or we can use your garage walls As the back of the cabinet. Both are options with garage cabinets from Organized Storage Solutions. Our garage cabinets are innovatively hung on the wall, which means they do not require legs, unless you want your cabinets to have legs.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are fully customizable, and we offer 19 different solid colors and pattern finishes to help you achieve the look you’re going for. We offer nine different solid colors, such as red, blue, yellow, black, white, gray, and a couple others. In terms of patterned finishes, we offer seven different natural looking wood grain finishes, and we offer three different metallic patterned finishes. Regardless of what your style or aesthetic is, we offer garage cabinets in Sacramento that will match your style perfectly. All of our garage organization is designed to be cohesive and coordinating, so your garage cabinets and shelving can all be the same finish or color.

Regardless of the size of your garage, we can design garage cabinets in Sacramento for you. We have installed cabinets in small single car garages and in huge five car garages. However much Storage unit for your garage, we can work with you to design. Our garage cabinets can be used to supplement storage capacity if your house has limited closet or cabinet space. Garage cabinets are a perfect solution to use to create a food pantry in your garage, or to store leftovers from a Costco run. Our cabinets can be up to 91 inches tall, up to 24 inches deep, and up to 48 inches wide. If you cannot achieve the storage capacity you need from a combination of those specifications, we can stack cabinets on top of each other to give you truly floor to ceiling storage, or we can add shelving and racks to increase your storage capacity.

You will also be able to customize the hardware and shelving inside your garage cabinets Sacramento. All of the shelves that we sell are fully customizable, and you can have as many or as few as you want inside your garage cabinets in Sacramento. If you use your garage cabinets to store clothing, we can install the clothing rod. If you use your garage cabinets to store tools, we can combine our garage cabinets in Sacramento with our monkey bars storage systems and install a bracket inside your cabinet. If you want to use your garage cabinets in Sacramento as a workbench, you will be able to choose which kind of countertop you get, and you can Choose which kind of storage space you have in your workbench. We offer 13 different base cabinet configurations, which can be combined in any configuration, and they all have a mix of storage space and drawers. Our drawer hate ranges from 3 1/2 inches to 7 inches to 15 inches, so you can combine drawers and which ever way satisfies your storage needs.

Our monkey bar storage systems are perfectly complementary to all of our garage cabinets in Sacramento and other storage solutions. Monkey bar storage systems can be a more cost-effective way to store your items while ushering that you have specific storage spaces for all of your items. We offer many different hooks and accessories for both our monkey bar storage systems and our monkey bars slat wall storage system. Both systems are space saving while having a huge carrying capacity. Every 4 feet of shelf that we sell can hold up to 1000 pounds. All of our shelves and brackets are made from high-quality material, and they are incredibly strong. You will be able to store all of your art shaped items or bulky storage totes through using our garage cabinets Sacramento and monkey bars storage systems.

With our extensive list of hugs and accessories, there is no limit to what you can store with our shelving, our utility bars, or slat wall. You will be able to store items such as Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, kayaks, canoes, camping gear, hunting gear, fishing gear, sports equipment, baseball, bats, hockey sticks, balls, shoulder pads, helmets, bicycles, skates, cleats, shoes, golf bags, golf balls, golf tees, equipment, leashes, dog food, cat food, pet bowls, saddles, equine equipment, tires, car parts, Oil, funnels, Cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, yard tools, rakes, shovels, hose, hoses, cords, ladders, folding chairs, crafting supplies, woodworking tools, tools, hammers, nails, wrenches, nuts, bolts, screwdrivers, painting supplies, pool toys, winter clothes during the summertime, summer clothes during the winter time, And anything else you can think of. In fact, monkey bar storage systems are so easy to use and maintain, even kids can help maintain the organization. Very easy to use for the whole family, and they are good looking while they keep you organized.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation today. Once you schedule a consultation, one of our expert estimators will come measure your garage and discuss options with you. After that we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage cabinets Sacramento and other garage organization will look like. Organized Storage Solutions can help transform your garage into something you are proud of.