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Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of garage cabinets Sacramento, garage floor in Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, garage storage Sacramento, and garage shelving Sacramento. We are the only authorized gorgeous garage and Monkey Bars dealer in the Sacramento region. We sell and install superior quality storage solutions in order to bring your garage from boring beautiful. The garage is often one of the largest rooms in a home, yet it is often the most neglected. We exist in order to help you organize your garage to give you peace of mind.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are high-quality, and they are the best and strongest currently available on the market in Sacramento. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are expertly made and proudly made in the USA from high-quality thermobonded melamine, Which is used to increase the durability of our cabinets. The tops, bottoms, and shelves of our garage cabinets Sacramento are all 1 inch thick, and they will not bow under the weight of your items. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are beautifully designed, and they will make your garage look brand new. Instead of having items all over your garage floor, you can store them in garage cabinets Sacramento to help make your garage a functional living space or workspace.

Our garage cabinets Sacramento are fully customizable from the color or finish to the number of shelves or drawers you have. We offer nine solid color finishes for our garage cabinets, seven natural looking wood grain finishes, and three metallic finishes for our garage cabinets Sacramento. Regardless of your style, you’ll be able to find something that fits you. We also have many different base cabinet configurations, and you get to decide which ones work best for you. There are 13 base cabinet configurations to choose from, and you can decide with the shelves inside of your garage cabinets Sacramento look like. If you want to use your cabinets for storage of clothing or tools, we can install a clothing rod or a tool rack inside your cabinets. To further customize the look of your garage cabinets Sacramento, we offer two different kinds of handles: Pole handles and extruded handles, both of which come in four different colors to best match the look of your garage cabinets Sacramento. Our cabinets are also designed to be wall-mounted, and they are strongly made, so they do not need legs, but we offer legs for our garage cabinets Sacramento if you want them. Your new cabinets will perfectly reflect you, and you can design them to match the rest of your house if you choose.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation. We will work with you to design garage cabinets Sacramento that you will be proud of, and we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage will look like. Call us today so we can help you get your garage, and other parts of your life, organized!

Organized Storage Solutions is a premier dealer of garage storage including garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, garage racking Sacramento, and garage storage Sacramento. We sell and install garage cabinets in Sacramento, epoxy flooring, SwissTrax floor tiles, Monkey Bars overhead racks, Monkey Bars racks and shelving, slat wall, and work benches to help you get your garage organized while creating a fully functional space.

Epoxy floor coatings are a perfect complement to garage cabinets Sacramento. We stock 10 different colors of floor flakes, And each of the flakes are 1/4 inch in diameter. We also stock and apply two colors that have micro flakes which are 1/16 of an inch. In order to prepare your floor for epoxy floor coating, we first grind it with a diamond grinder to make it porous in order for the epoxy to fully soak in. If there are a lot of cracks in your concrete, we will fill them in order to refresh your garage floor. After we grind and prepare your concrete, we lay a polyurea primer base coat, Then we lay a full layer of decorative flakes or chips, and finally we cover it with a high durability clear topcoat. There is a curing time, but your new floor will look great for years to come. Your floor will make your garage feel brand new, and it will complement your cabinets perfectly. In addition to being a good complement to garage cabinets Sacramento, garage floor coverings will also look great with your garage toys such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, sports cars, or other motor sport vehicles.

Another great addition to garage is that also matches garage cabinets Sacramento is swish tracks modular flooring tiles. They are easy to install, and they come in many different colors and styles. With the wide array of colors and styles, you can combine SwissTrax in any number of combinations to perfectly suit your style. Regardless of what colors you choose your garage will look great! There’s even a possibility that you can display and exhibit your brand with custom SwissTrax tiles. SwissTrax tiles are easy to clean and have a nonslip coating, so they are safe when they are wet.

Both epoxy floor covering and SwissTrax flooring tiles are made to be UV resistant, so they will not fade over time from exposure to the sun. Our flooring styles both have long warrantees, and the quality of them will last for a long time. SwissTrax tile flooring are built to be strong, so you can park on top of them without worrying about them breaking or cracking. Both kinds of flooring coverings will look great with your Garage cabinets Sacramento and other Monkey Bars storage systems. Regardless of your style or color choices, your new garage will look great, and your neighbors will be envious.

Call us today at 916-430-0179 or visit our website at in order to schedule a free consultation. Once you schedule a consultation for garage cabinets Sacramento and flooring and other storage solutions, we will send you a free 3-D rendering of what your new garage will look like. Here at Organized Storage Solutions we look forward to helping you design a garage that will help you get organized while giving you peace of mind.