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Utilizing overhead racks along with garage cabinets Sacramento will help you to get a finished look in your garage. Being able to put Miss Att shaped items onto an overhead rack will make it easy to have organized garage cabinets that are both functional and beautiful our garage cabinets I mean with the highest quality products in Idaho in Idaho we are a small business based out of Roseville California and we offer the USA made garage cabinets Sacramento. We also offer the highestLevel of quality of overhead racks. Are still is sick and free hanging can store 700 pounds and if the rack is installed with one end on a wall the rack can hold up to 1000 pounds.

Cabinets come in graphite Pearl, Desertstone, and white. Graphic Pearl is a very nice gray color that matches well with gray garage cabinets Sacramento and White garage cabinets Sacramento. Desertstone is a pretty taupe color and matches well with our maple cabinets garage cabinets Sacramento as well as our Zebrano garage cabinets Sacramento. The white overhead rack matches with so many of our different garage cabinets Sacramento. My favorite solution is a white overhead rack with white garage cabinets Sacramento and slate gray slat wall above a white garage cabinets Sacramento workbench.

Overhead racks are a great place to store seasonal equipment as well. We also install motorized overhead racks. These are great for storing how to do you seasonal equipment that you don’t need to get to half of the year. Things like snowblowers are great things to put in motorized overhead racks. The motorized overhead racks are controlled by an app on your phone that can be used on both droid and Apple products. I’ve seen several pictures of people putting kayaks and overhead racks during the winter when they are not being used. I’m looking forward to putting my kayaks in my overhead racks this winter.

I also have a tote in my overhead rack of all of our pool floats. It’s a great solution for things that you’re not getting very often. It’s also a great solution for odd shaped Christmas tree boxes. Those always seem to be difficult to store in the garage is and can be an eyesore. We typically recommend you either put a tall 84-inch garage cabinet in your garage for your Christmas tree or you put an overhead rack in your garage to store your Christmas tree. You can also use overhead racks as a great place to store outdoor decorations you can put them in totes or store them directly on the overhead rack. Those cute little reindeer can have a place to call home in your garage that doesn’t get in your way during the Easter bunny stay at your house. Call (916) 430-0179 for a limited time offer to receive $100 in storage solutions. Visit to schedule an appointment today!

Getting a completed full book in your garage is very easy to do with Organized Storage Solutions products. Our team will come out and do a free estimate of your garage. We will do a free 3-D rendering of the garage measure it and talk about the Storage Solutions that you need and how we can help you with your garage storage issues. Having a floor Epoxy Floor Sacramento match your garage cabinets Sacramento matching your slat wall product Sacramento matching your Monkey Bars products Sacramento matching your overhead rack Sacramento is a great way to have complete luck in your garage.

I really like the job that we recently did that also included a butcher block countertop. We had dark gray cat garage cabinets Sacramento with black slide while Sacramento Gray Monkey Bars Sacramento in a gray speckled Epoxy floor Sacramento as well as Grey overhead racks. This garage had so much storage it could have easily been a second home. These people work from home and they wanted to have additional workspaces in their house and a place for their teenagers to go. We set up a large flatscreen TV with a work area as two workstations across the garage with slat wall above them. Making it a great place to work as well as tinker on garage projects. Then we put full-length tall garage cabinets Sacramento along one wall of the garage each one of those tall cabinets came with four 1 1/2 inch thick shelves which ensures there is plenty of shelf space to store whatever you might need to put in those cabinets garage cabinets Sacramento.

The shelves are movable so you can adjust the shelves in the garage cabinets Sacramento to meet any of your garage cabinets Sacramento organization Needs. This is a great solution for dad for Father’s Day or mom for Mother’s Day or an amazing Christmas present for spouse everyone wants to be able to park the car in the garage and everybody wants their garage to look good who wants to pull up to the garage open the garage to a messy garage that makes people think the inside of your house is just as messy as your garage. Being organized in your garage will help you to be more organized inside.

Everything having a home is important but creating a home for everything is the first step and then putting it away the second step. Our team of professionals will help you to put all of your things away in your garage cabinets Sacramento and your overhead racks Sacramento. Also having an Epoxy floor Sacramento will ensure that dirt and debris you don’t track through your garage into your house. It makes it easy to blow your garage out or to Hose your garage out. Call (916) 430-0179 or visit to learn more. As about our $100 FREE storage accessories. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best experience possible when it comes to your organization’s needs.