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Organized Storage Solutions is based out of Sacramento, California, and provides custom-designed and installed garage cabinets and flooring. We install garage cabinets Sacramento, garage flooring Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage racking Sacramento. We specialize in building our customers a custom-designed garage storage solution that provides functionality and organization to the greatest extent.

Our cabinets are built to a level of excellence that is not reached by other storage businesses. Organized Storage Solutions installs the best garage cabinets Sacramento on the market. Our cabinets are impressively built – garage cabinets Sacramento are assembled using steel screws and thermo-bond glue, unlike our competitors that rely on staples and nails. Our cabinets have 1 inch thick tops and bottoms, and they have 3/4 inch sides along with 1-inch shelving on the inside. We are confident in the design of our garage cabinets Sacramento, so we provide a lifetime warranty for every cabinet installation.

Organized storage solutions provide custom shelving and overhead racks that help you organize your garage space with maximum efficiency. Our shelves come in various lengths and can utilize hooks to store ball bags, bicycles, workbenches, tools, or any other things that you would need. Every 4 feet of our overhead racks can hold up to 1000 pounds, making our storage solutions the best in class. To better fit your needs, you can change the functionality by adding hooks, shelves, and bars. Organized Storage Solutions is the premier dealer of monkey bars in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe area. For our overhead racks, we offer three separate color options – Desert stone, granite gray, and white.

Organized Storage Solutions also offers attractive and long-lasting garage floor coatings. Our epoxy floors take your garage to the next level! They are functional while they protect your cement floors from spills and stains, and they look great! Our garage floors are UV resistant and will not fade; they are also chemical resistant. The base coat for our floors has a lifetime warranty, and the topcoat features a 10-year warranty. We believe that our garage floors are the best you’ll find in Sacramento. Your garage is the biggest room in your house, so it should look great!

If you are looking for excellent customer service and a company you can trust, organized Storage Solutions should be your go-to source for garage cabinets Sacramento, garage floor Sacramento, garage shelving Sacramento, and garage racking Sacramento. We provide warranties on all of our products as well as our work. We offer free consultations, so let us come and look at your space, measure, and talk about all the types of needs you have. Once we have seen your space we will then prepare a free 3-D rendering of your garage storage solution. Our team of experts will install the products and help you get organized. Give us a call today to stop neglecting your garage.

We will custom design your garage cabinets Sacramento to meet all of your needs at any price point. Call (916) 430-0179 or visit to learn more. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience when it comes to your garage organization needs. Ask about our $100 free storage accessories.

Organize storage solutions that provide premier garage cabinet Sacramento in the Sacramento area. Our garage cabinets Sacramento are better than our competitors, but so are our additional garage organization systems. Our storage systems include slat walls and monkey bars. Slat walls are an excellent way to utilize storage with various hooks and baskets in order to hang large garage items. You can store garage tools, paper towels, work equipment, brooms, rakes, shovels, extension cords, and sporting equipment on slat walls. Our slat walls come in a variety of colors, so we can design something to fit your tastes.

We recently started installing workbenches along with slat walls, making your garage area easy to use for work. Our slat wall systems make it easy to store and use all of your tools right next to you as you’re working. Some of our accessories for slat walls include buckets (for writing utensils) Or baskets (for tools or papers). We even have accessories to store wrenches. We have over 20 accessories or hooks for slat walls.

By installing slat walls, you can utilize storage space while also having room to work or park your car. Slat walls can be installed individually, or with existing cabinets. Slat walls are a fairly inexpensive and high-quality products that can be quickly installed in Sacramento. We can put the slat walls wherever you ask, and they are easy to hang and use.

Call us today to come to look at your garage! We will do a free estimate then provide you with a free 3-D rendering of your garage showing you the exact specifications of slat walls. We are able to frame the slat wall so it has finished edges to look nice. Slat wall comes in 8-foot sections, but we can add it together to create exactly what you want for your garage. Slat walls can be used to cover an entire wall, or they can be used in small sections with garage cabinets Sacramento. Slat wall is a great way to make sure every tool and piece of equipment has a place and can be easily found when you need it!

Our slat wall is the best in the market in Sacramento. Slat walls can be used to accent garage cabinets Sacramento or can be used alone to create space-saving storage for your garage without scratching up your cars. They’re so easy to use, even kids can put your tools and equipment in the proper places!

Slat walls are manufactured in the USA. They are water-resistant and scratch-resistant. They are very pigmented with color, and they feature color-coordinated screws and trim to make them look the absolute best for your garage.

Call (916) 430-0179 for a limited time offer to receive $100 in FREE storage solutions. Visit to schedule an appointment for an estimate today!