About Us

About Organized Storage Solutions

We make your garage a functional space that works for you and your busy life from shelving all the way to Garage Cabinets Sacramento solutions. We come into your space and put together a personalized design to fit your space, storage needs, and functionality. We offer custom cabinets, shelving, and flooring.


How Can Organized Storage Solutions Help Families Like Yours?

Every solution begins with a free in home consultation where we will measure your garage, assess your storage and organizational needs, we will discuss solutions and options to solve your storage problems, and then we will provide you with a free 3-D rendering of your space with our organizational solutions. Once we have a final solution, we will install the garage storage solutions to ensure you have the perfect storage solution and flexibility for your growing family. From start to finish, your family can expect to have a great experience, great solution, and a storage solution that beats the rest of other Garage Cabinets Sacramento and storage options.


What Does Organized Storage Solutions Do?

We give your neighbors garage envy. We transform your piles of stuff, boxes of tools, and bins of who knows what into a beautiful coordinated space that functionally serves your household. Each of our garage storage solutions makes us the best – we have the best quality of cabinets, we have the best flooring options, we have the best utility bar and hook solution that guarantee nothing you want to hang and store is a misfit – a place for everything and everything in its place.


What Can Organized Storage Solutions Offer First Time Clients?

First time clients quickly become return clients because they find our system to be so effective – it’s happened over and over again that a client will move to a new house and want us to deploy the same garage storage solution we installed in their last home – or even a second home. First time clients will find that our garage organizational systems provide the most adaptable solution – take up a new hobby, add a new sport, or want to store more items – our solutions can easily transform and grow with your busy lifestyle by installing quality Garage Cabinets Sacramento.


Who Are the Founders of Organized Storage Solutions?

Based out of Roseville, California, Organized Storage Solutions has over 10 years of experience helping families improve their quality of life by improving their house. It’s the least considered space but when thoughtfully designed and properly outfitted, the garage can be a functional compliment to everyday life. We know because we were just like you. Stacks of junk piled up, things forgotten about or discarded, multiples of the same item repurchased because the other one was tucked away unfindable in a messy garage. We get it, we had piles of crap, but once we started deploying real solutions in our garage things went from night to day. Our garage was functional, which meant that our cars were cleaner, our kids could easily grab a scooter or bike and spend more time outside then looked into screens inside, and our ability to find things we need was improved. Allow us to bring our expertise to your house and give you a free estimate and drawing of your space, let us help you see your space from different eyes.


What Can I Do to Get Organized Now?

Getting started on your garage organizing project is simple – schedule a free consultation. We will help you to assess your storage needs and put together a plan to transform your garage into a functional space that compliments your busy life.